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Visā Latvijā 


1-2 gab. - 5 Eur

3-6 gab. - 7 Eur

Piegādes laiks -Latvijā 5-10 darba dienas. Aicinam klientus šajos ārkārtas apstākļos būt saprotošiem un rēķināties ar ilgāku sūtījumu piegādes laiku, kuru precīzi noteikt visos gadījumos nav iespējams, tādēļ sazināsimies ar Jums personīgi! 

Lietuvā un Igaunijā  


1-2 gab. - 7 Eur

3-6 gab. - 9 Eur

Piegādes laiks -Lietuvā un Igaunijā 10-20 darba dienas.

Visā Pasaulē

 Sūtījumi uz ārzemēm ar UPS piegādi

Cenas sākot no 19,99 Eur

Piegādes laiks 10-20 darba dienas.

For larger orders or a wish to distribute our brand please contact us

Return policy

Always contact us before you want to return/exchange your order!

Our email:

We will reply within 1 working day

We will need to know:

  1. Order number and date.

  2. Name of the product.

  3. Would you like to return ordered item or exchange it?

  4. Reason of return/exchange: item is damaged; wrong size; item doesn’t fit; product didn’t match the description; other reason ____.

  5. If you want to change the product, let us know which item and size you would like to receive.

If the item doesn’t fit…

You may change your mind within 14 days of receiving your order. Return of purchase is feasible only in cases when appearance of item, consumer properties, items original packaging and marking has been retained.

You can exchange your item for a different size or get back paid expenses (except shipping costs).

If the item is damaged…

You have the rights to refuse ordered purchase if it has industrial defect or purchase has changed its colour or shape after carefull washing (that has been done according to vendors given instructions).

You can exchange your order for an analog item or can get back paid expenses. If the purchase have had industrial defect delivery expenses are being covered by us.

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