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Our story started with one young french bulldog lady Unusi Ariana, she was born on 16 March of 2016. We have drawn her head silhouette in graphic design, what is our main brand design now and this gave us inspiration to build something uniqe for pets and pet owners.

LLC Unusi was established in February 2018 with the main vision to create stylish and unique products for pet owners and pet clothes. 
Unusi wide range of products are comfortable and are created from ecological materials.

Competitive advantages: ecological materials, unique design, future plans to produce
clothes from recycled materials, unique idea to have the same design clothes for owner and his pet, ordinary, easy to recognize, attractive and interesting brand, established  in Latvia that is well recognized and with growing sales.


Our main mission is to create high quality and environmental friendly clothes and accessories for pets and pet owners all around the globe.

Hope our design will make you nice and warm...

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